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Pretty tassels add a classic and luxurious impression to greetings cards, bookmarks, menus, bag closures, bottle necks, orders of service, gifts, packaging and more.

We manufacture or supply:

  • Single- or double-ended tassels in floss or chainette, with or without plastic sliders
  • Looped tassels
  • Piercer tassels
  • Tagged tassels
  • Bookmark tassels.

For applications such as menus, booklets and orders of service, we offer A5 and A4 sizes made to order in 2mm twisted rayon cord, with a double-ended floss tassel and a plastic slider. Other lengths are also available to order.


Kalsi Tags offers tassels in the following materials and colours. Please note that the standard cord diameter is 2mm, but other sizes are available; please ask.

Material Width Colours available
Rayon 2mm as standard; other widths available In stock: black, white, navy, royal blue, red, gold, maroon, silver grey. Other colours to order.
Elastic 1mm & 2mm 10 + 6 metallics (blue, purple, green, copper, gold, silver)
Metallic cord 1mm & 2mm 10 + 2 metallics (gold & silver)

Want to know more?

Please contact us to discuss what kind of tassels you need; we can probably offer some advice as to the best solution for you. Call us on 01797 366126 or 364559.






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