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There are endless applications for our products, so we sell into a wide range of industry sectors:

  • Charities—cords and handles for charity collection boxes
  • Examining bodies—filing laces for exam papers
  • Fashion—laces for corsets and other clothing
  • Footwear—laces for boots and shoes
  • Government departments—filing laces and treasury tags
  • Hotels & catering—elastic for restaurant menus
  • Legal—pink tape for tying barristers’ briefs
  • Lighting manufacturers—louvre safety cords
  • Local authorities—filing laces and treasury tags for use within councils
  • Marketing/promotional—bottle-neck tag loops, gifts and elastic attachments
  • Packaging companies—carry-handles for cartons and boxes
  • Printers, bookbinders & print finishers—elastic loops, attachments and cords
  • Safety-equipment manufacturers—mask straps and earplug cords
  • Sample book manufacturers—handles for sample books (wallpaper, fabric, etc)
  • Stationery manufacturers & suppliers—filing laces, treasury tags and elastic loops.

Whichever sector you work in, please contact us to discuss what you need; we can probably offer some advice as to the best solution for you. Call us on 01797 366126 or 364559.







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