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Where do we deliver?

From our base in Kent, we can deliver throughout the UK, Europe and internationally.

How fast is 'fast delivery'?

We know that when you need something, you often need it very quickly; that's why we offer next-day delivery. And, if you can collect or want to use a same-day courier, we can even arrange for you to have our products or samples on the same day.

What’s our minimum order?

Unlike some companies, we don’t insist on big orders. Our minimum order is just £65. So even if you just need 10 of something for a special job, you won’t be penalised for a small run.

Where are our products sourced?

We source our products in the UK, rather than from China, and yet we still remain competitive. The advantages to you are:

  • faster delivery (importing from China means 7-10 days air-freight or 8-10 weeks by sea)
  • we can do smaller runs of special orders (orders from China must be in bulk)
  • less air/ship miles, so that’s better for the environment
  • support for British industry.

Don’t know what you need?

We’ve been in the business since 1967, so there aren’t many applications we haven’t seen. If you need something—but aren’t quite sure what that something is, or whether your idea can be achieved—just give us a call on 01797 366126. We can even supply hand-made samples, normally for free. Our experienced and helpful staff will be pleased to advise you.

What about prices?

Every job we do for every customer is different, so it’s difficult to put our prices on our website. Rest assured that we are very competitive, so please give us a call on 01797 366126 or 364559, or email us to discuss what you need and to get a quote.

Do we recycle and reuse?

Recycling and reuse are very important to us. For example, our treasury tags are made from recycled cotton. We recycle all packaging, as well as plastic off-cuts and cords and braids. We have also achieved ISO 14001 (environment management ).

Still haven’t answered your question?

Let us help in person. Please call us on 01797 366126 or email us.



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