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Our grosgrain or single-/doubled faced satin ribbon can be made into a range of bows ideal for packaging, greetings cards, fashion accessories, and more.

Bows can be sold individually or attached to ribbons or elastic in a range of ways (see below).


Kalsi Tags offers bows in the following materials and widths:

Material Width Colours available
Single- or double-faced satin 3, 7, 9, 15, 23mm 45
Grosgrain 7, 9, 15, 23mm 45



Options available

Hover your mouse over the images below to see close-up detail of just some of our options:

Metallic bow on a loop   Bows on elastic loops   Polka-dot bow with elastic loop and tie   Grosgrain bow on an elastic loop   Double bow (2 types of ribbon)

Bow and ribbon with adhesive tabs   Bows attached to ribbon strips   Sparkly metallic bow   Tartan bow




Want to know more?

Please contact us to discuss what kind of ribbow or bows you need; we can probably offer some advice as to the best solution for you. Call us on 01797 366126 or 364559.



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